physics with Farouk

How to deal within inside the lecture?

After entering the lecture you will find five main parts inside it

1- Materials: Which contains PDFs for the lecture with assignment.

2- Lesson: contains the videos of explanations and solving examples, and after each video there is a mini-quiz to ensure that you fully understand the video and make you solve and practice  while watching

3- Assignment: the homework you do to study and practice more

4- live session: to discuss and solving more problems at live session and if it pass you will see the recorded one

5- Full Quiz: which is contain about 10 questions on the lecture (which differ from the monthly MEGA Quiz)

you will find enrolment timer which inform you about the time you have remained in the lecture and also a progress bar to know how much did you finished at the lecture

each part of the lecture is restricted, so you must complete the previous activity to enter the new one.

The lesson contains videos with completion progress (so you must watch it all) and mini quizzes to be sure that you fully understood the video.
For more details about this part click here.

Also the first activity is restricted by completing the previous lecture unless you are a new student and started from this lecture.


The assignment part:
Cannot be accessed unless you finished the lesson part first, and you can submit the assignment by upload your answers.
For more details about this part click here.

The discussion part:

Can be accessed after submitting the assignment, and contains the discussion area, Live session, and its record.
For more details about this part click here.

The full quiz part:

Opened after you finish the discussion part.

For more details about this part click here.

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