physics with Farouk

How to start the lesson?

After you enter the lecture and finish the quiz on the past lecture you can now start your lesson

First of all you can view the lecture book as pdf

also you can download it or print it, or just view it from the website

after preparing your materials, you can start the lesson. But remember that you can’t do so unless you finish the full-quiz first

if it has been done, start the video normally

after opening the video

you will see a control bar at the bottom of it from which you can control the quality depending on your internet connection and bundle 

after watching it you now will be able to move to the next mini-quiz

dealing with the mini-quiz is the same way you deal with full-quiz

after finishing the quiz you can move to the next video

NOTE: you must pass in this quiz from the first time or you will have to attempt it three time, even if you pass the second time you must attempt the third one

after finishing you can now move the next video

and so on.

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