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How to attend a quiz at

When you are in a lecture you will face three types of quizzes

Full-Quiz: which is at the start of every lecture and contain 10 questions and limited with time 30 minutes

Mini-Quiz: It is exist after each video part in the lecture, which is essential to make sure that you understand the video you just watched. The mini-Quiz contain from one to 3 questions and no time limit

Mega-Quiz: which are monthly and its cumulative on all previous lectures. Its time limited and the number of questions depend on the stage.

select the quiz and enter it

it will appear a screen which consist of a details about the quiz as following

click attempt quiz

if the quiz had a time limit, a confirmation screen like that will appear. Click start attempt

after start the first question appear, also the timer and quiz navigation at the right drawer

the quiz navigation consist of the questions in the quiz where you can jump from one to another and the answered question marked by gray and unanswered ones remains white

at the left hand side there is the state of the question and its mark

also there a button called (flag question) by which you can mark the question and return to it very easily any time even when you finish the quiz

after finishing all questions a summary of attempt appears shows you which questions you answered and which you didn’t before submitting

If you are sure about it click submit

confirm again

in the case of full quiz and mini-quizzes the results appears directly after submitting 

you can review your answers

now you are ready to go to the next activity

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