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The physics shop where you can buy lectures for the physics teacher Mohammad Farouk for thanwya student and STEM (secondary education) for Egyptian curriculum 

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From here you can get lectures from the shop with several payment methods and discounts. Also, you will explore a new method of online learning which has been proofed to be the best of all.
Our method grant you practice and success with focusing on what matter and conserve time and money 

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Our goal:

The goal is to show to students that physics is an amazing subject and science when you understand it well. It show you how the nature do its things, this subject is become easier when you admit that it is like a sport, so it need practice and exercises then it will become mush easier

Our approach:

We try to achieve our goal by focusing on how to force the student to reach his maximum potentials, we make it simple short, not poring subject and study. We use short videos and mini-quizzes for ensure the lesson and information has been received rather than understood perfectly, Assignment to grantee practicing, live session for discussions and correct the misunderstood topics and problems and quizzes and mega-quizzes to evaluate and stimulate the student for more study also to let his to discover the points of his strength and weakness.

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